Saturday, September 27, 2008

i give in

i have been putting of blogging for a few weeks now, but i guess i just need to get it over with so then it won't be a lurking thing for me to take care of. funny, when did it become a chore?

i have been spending my days in front of the laptop telecommuting for work and so far i think i've decided it has more pros than cons-i'm no longer spending two plus hours in my car or dropping hundreds of dollars on gas. i must look at the bright side on this, b/c working for my bossman has always been a challenge.

last two weeks in a nutshell:
*turned the big 2-7 last week and did not enjoy it. seriously, how is it possible that we are almost 30? my birthday was pretty chill, but blake took me to a yummy dinner in downtown where i had plum and buttermilk ice cream...strange, but good.
*joined a movie watching club on and got free passes to a prescreening of the duchess. i loved the scenery, music, costumes and at first i wasn't totally in love with the movie, but now that some time has passed i've decided i really enjoyed it.
*went a saw another movie named vicky christina barcelona by myself at the art theater last week and i loved it. i love woody allen, spain is beautiful and i want to visit there some day, and i totally love seeing a good movie by myself sometimes.
*blake and i went to the counting crows and maroon 5 and i still think adam duritz is one major hunk! the guy from maroon 5 sang a couple stevie wonder songs and now i love him too...both groups were fantastic!
*Campbell’s what? seriously, i have made over four pots of soup in the last few weeks and i don't plan on stopping anytime soon. i think homemade soup is delicious and its great b/c it makes hardly any dirty dishes!
*i had a chipmunk squeaking in my chimney on thursday and i was so worried the dang thing was going to get it in and that we'd have national lampoons in real life. my kitty has now been obsessed with fireplace since this incident in hope that her chipmunk friend will return
*thursday TV finally started! hooray! i can't believe survivor is taking place in the middle of africa with wild animals roaming, the office is amazing and i loved michael's facial hair (does anyone know why meredith's face was red), ugly betty is a breath of fresh air, i still love grey's anatomy, and after 15 years of watching ER i still love it and it made my cry my eyes out...why must they put all my favorite shows on the same night? thank goodness for the DVR!
*i got blake tickets to the portland jazz orchestra for his birthday earlier this summer and last night was the first concert in the series. the concert was in a beautiful building and the group was pretty good, but the concert went on for far too long! they did have a singer come and sing with them on one of my favorite songs and the man's voice was pure butter! if you have never listened to the john coltrane and johnny hartman CD i highly recommend is one of my favorites in my music collection.
*tonight we’re off to the symphony to hear beethoven’s 9th and i can’t wait, i’ve never seen the full 9th preformed before and I think it should be an amazing experience
*tomorrow I’ll venture to the farmers market and i’ll get my last peaches and strawberries of the year. last week my peachman told it was the last time we’d see him for a several months….ha, i have a peach man! what am i going to do with no summer fruit? It has been so yummy and now the unexciting fruit of fall is here…maybe apples and pears will become my new favorites but i need to not get my hopes up.

next week ju is coming so i’m sure i’ll get some great posting material out of that trip and i can’t wait to see her!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

no comment

Sunday, September 7, 2008

fun night and kind of a great deal...

Phantom of the Opera, parking downtown, and raspberry Italian cream sodas for under a total of $50 for the both of us! That's right, we bought the cheapest seats in the house this morning and to our surprise the seats were actually great!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

edward my love has finally arrived!

the past couple days have been very exciting in terms of mail. look what arrived in the mail today! i just can't believe it! how great, i can look at EDWARD all day long now without having to look on the internet. too bad the movie producers didn't pick a better EDWARD though...the is not at all what i pictured, but i guess he'll do. just in case any of you are thinking that i ordered this let me put your mind at ease, i did not, it came as a fantastic surprise from my fellow edward-loving friend danielle. THANK YOU! (i quickly hung it up in the 2nd bedroom & took the above picture. just think, if you come visit you can gaze at this all night long!)
oh, and just in case you haven't heard the latest late breaking news from stephenie meyer you MUST go to fun and sad news both at the same time. Thank you Jen Friend for showing me the way!

Friday, September 5, 2008

blast from the past

i got a package in the mail today from mom that included the following: a book titled "How to Live with a Neurotic Cat" and the following letter:

Last Class of the Century

As our time here at Westwood comes close to it's final bell, we ant to make sure that our legacy never dies. In the past, it has been a tradition for the Senior girls in Student Council to organize a list of things they want to accomplish before the dreadful day is here. However, this year there are too many eligible girls capable of raging and frolicking in the halls to keep this an exclusive event. We need you. Here's how it works: the girls of '96 made a list of 96 things they wanted to do, '97 made a list of 97, etc. So now here we are, the class of '99 and we need all of our dedicated Warriors to help fulfill our goal of 99 deeds.

You have been chosen because of your great devotion to upholding the Warrior Pride and Spirit. our first meeting of the L.C.C. Tomahawks will be held on August 16, 1998 at 10:00 PM sharp at the Westwood press box (on the football field). This meeting is mandatory. if you wish to be a member, please meet us there. If for some crazy reason you can't make the meeting, but would still like to be a member, call Jennifer Ward at xxx-xxxx. We're looking forward to seeing you there!


Jennifer Ward, Kari Hancock, Allison Smith, Meadow Wright, Annie Martinsen, Mckenzie Davis

What a funny and random thing to get in the mail ten years later....we sure sounded serious. I don't remember much about that night other than being dropped off by Ben Wright, drinking spirit juice and screaming at the top of our lungs. The question is, did we ever have another meeting after this single event? My memory is fading on me...hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

notice anything strange with these photos? (this one just doesn't seem if there is a fire hydrant in the middle of this national park in the middle of just struck me as odd when we were walking by)