Sunday, June 29, 2008


Really, is there anymore to say? Seriously, it is so flippin' hot out today (I guess I should include yesterday and about everyday for the past month too) and I am melting! How is it possibly natural to live in heat like this? Today I am super thankful for A/C and for cool water!

We're now in the home stretch to move though...only one month from today and we'll be driving up the I-5! For the next month we will be living ghettofabulous; we sold our couch and chair and now have our extra guest bed out in the living room serving as furniture. HA!! It is actually pretty bad, b/c we have tile and it rolls all over the place.

One more thing to add to the countdown-Breaking Dawn comes out in just about a month! Who else is excited? I can't wait!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

who would have thought?

i'm sure as most of you know we're getting ready to take off for oregon next month and i can't believe all the things that go into 1,356 miles away...with that said, it is all very exciting, but it is driving me absolutely nuts! seriously, i am such a planner and i'm freaking, b/c i can't take care of everything when i want to (e.g. finding a job). Yes, finding a job...this truly is my least favorite thing in life! i'm sorry if it sounds like i'm a complaining freak, but right now i'm using my blog as a place for release. i have spent the last several hours searching the internet for jobs and the more i look the more frustrated i get. you'd think places would be able to tell you the pay range, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they want you take the time to fill out all their application requirements :(. enough with that, we did find a place to live and all our household belongings are scheduled to be picked up on july 28th so things are moving right along and that makes me happy. if anyone is looking for a job i'll hire you to find me one! happy weekend to everyone!