Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas continued

i know, i'm totally late in doing this, but i thought i better get it done anyways.

blake and i spent our first christmas in portland this year and i must admit it was kind of nice being on our own. we had super yummy dinner at hotel in downtown portland and while we were eating we got to look out the window at the snow falling! a white christmas! we also go to see a performance of the nutcracker on christmas eve and that is always fun.

we didn't get a tree this year so here is a picture of the little christmas decorating that we did. blake sure is a funny one, he honestly will stand in front of the fire and look at the decorations while sipping on a glass of eggnog. seriously, who likes eggnog? gross!!! i love christmas ornaments so much! we have made a point to buy an ornament when we go out of town somewhere and it is was so fun to look at all of them and talk about our trips together when we were taking them out. we got the little reindeer that is in the front for our 1st christmas in oregon and i just think it is so dang cute.
(just had to include this picture of this snowman i saw with amy this week...check out the nice contoured booty. people sure get creative with their snow people!)

visitor take 8

want to know a great way to start out the new year? have a visit from ame! as most of you know i enjoy doing somewhat odd outings that most people might not find fun or enjoying, but my dear friend amy is also another one that likes the wacky, weird and unknown. we've had some pretty rotten weather here lately creating a bit of problem on the tourist front, but i sure had great time and i hope amy did too. thanks for coming ame! here is what we did on our weekend adventure (hope this helps you out amy). WARNING/DISCLAIMER: this is long list mostly for my own memory.

-picked ame up at the airport and went to Mcmenamin's for lunch where we got to watch glass blowing
-drove up to the View Point Inn and toured the rooms and looked out the very same windows that Victoria from the Twilight movie peered out of. Oh, this is also the play that the prom scene was filmed.
-got blasted by water at Wakeena Falls & Multnomah Falls (also in Twilight)
-ate dinner at Stanford's where amy feel in love with their bathroom, b/c it has a care kit containing lotion, mouthwash, etc.
-finally got to see Twilight the movie...i thought it was so silly, but at the same i LOVED it. we allowed blake, but he had to sit a couple seats away and laughing was not allowed by him and only us. for reals, i couldn't keep it in when edward sparkled or anytime Jasper came on screen.
-watched several enjoyable episodes of scrubs. oh for the love of scrubs!

-had a marathon of a breakfast at the Tin Shed Cafe. when i say marathon i'm not kidding, it took us over two hours to get seated, order, eat and pay! it was good and all and the yummy rice poridge is always great, but i'm not sure if any breakfast is 2 hours plus worthy.
-toured Pittock Mansion (the place the Amazing Race ended at) and it was decorated for their Christmas season still as Twas the Night Before Christmas. Check out these totally creepy mannequins ....I seriously let out a pretty loud yelp when we walked in one of them. not to be forgotten, amy sweet talked the old tour guide man and he took us up on this really old elevator to view the top floor which is usually closed for most visitors.
-made a stop at the Velveteria to view wonderfully strange velvet paintings. um, as if there is a whole museum for such things, but very very funny!
-went to Trader Joe's to keep some dried bananas and fruit leather, filled up on gas where amy learned that in the state of Oregon we are not allowed to fill up our own gas. Funny enough, nobody has really been able to provide a firm answer as to way.
-grabbed some dinner at Bridgeport Brewing Co. before heading off to see the musical The Color Purple.
-drove out to farm are right next to Roloff Farms (aka Little People Big World) were we met a one hungry Blake for dessert at Rock Creek Tavern where we had to listen to a terribly loud cover band, but at least there was one weird dancer and someone playing air guitar!

-woke up too early for our own good and had a gourmet breakfast at Casa De Allen consisting of grapefruit and Honeycombs
-took a beautiful drive to Tillamook in the snow and ice filled mountains where I had to get out and have amy drive, b/c i was just too dang nervous with her in the car with me. nobody will die or be injured on my watch while visiting us in Oregon!
-went on a self-guided tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory where we got learn about dairy's and cheese making. The factory was open so we got to watch the worker cut into 40lb blocks of cheese. We also ate a good helping of free cheese samples before enjoying some yummy Tillamook ice cream at 9:30a.-continued our journey to Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park (terrible name) were we got to feel like we were in the Twilight movie. the beach scenes from Twilight was filmed at Cannon Beach and come to find out this is also where the Goonie's beach scenes takes place!
-our road trip went on to Seaside where we got to see where Lewis & Clark finished their journey and amy got a good amount of salt water taffy from the Candy Man. in the taffy shop they play the Candy Man song from Willi Wonka on a continuous loop and the girl told us that on average she hears it over 41,000 times a year! i would go crazy people!
-drove onto Astoria where we went across a very large bridge to Washington and back that crosses the Columbia River at the mouth of the Pacific.
-took a tour of the Flavel Mansion (also in Goonie's) where we got to learn about a sea captain and see beautiful items from the Victoria era.
-viewed the Astoria Column, the Goonie's House, and the school where Kindergarten Cop was filmed, got sandwiches at Safeway (yes, i did say Safeway and they were really good), and visited the friendly sealions at the pier
-drove back to Portland and went across the St. John's bridge on our way to the Tea Zone where they have lots of yummy different drinks.
-saw the play A Tuna Christmas at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts
-i had amy drive again so she could do the parallel parking since i cannot (i really need to get on top of that) to go Voodoo Donuts at one of the most seedy places ever and we left smelling like grease, but it was worth the experience.
-drove home in some pretty thick fog which set the perfect tone for our viewing of a scary movie out our house which freaked us all out.

wow, now that sure was a detailed list, but there it is. hope you had a fun time ame and ella is sure missing who is she to yell at?