Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble, Gobble: Thanksgiving 2009

We cooked, we ate, we slept we conquered. Oh yeah, we made clove balls. Two days before Thanksgiving I caught our wall on fire in the living and burned my hand. One day before Thanksgiving I had to get an emergency root canal...the week before Thanksgiving I chipped a bone in ankle. November was awesome, but I was still thankful for Thanksgiving, my truly favorite holiday of the year.

Friday, November 20, 2009

November Midwestern Love: Take One

Went to Indianapolis and visited my friend Kate, then on to Janelle's in Lafayette, and then my dear friend Laura picked me up in Columbus, OH where I saw lots of Ohio, Pittsburg, PA and a wee part of WV.
Highlights of visit:
-Learning the song Party in the USA while drive w/ top down in Indy
-Fall down Janelle's stairs and busting my ankle...oh....
-Steak n' Shake baby!
-Amish country w/ Laura
-Arriving in WV and thinking "WHAT THE HECK?!"
-Big, old, historic cemeteries in OH & PA
-Delicious olives at market in Cleveland
(I'm a seahorse, she's a lobster. Got it!)
(Michael & Janelle's)
(Carefree in the fall)
(my beautiful foot)
(sandwich goodness)