Monday, October 6, 2008

i'z be tired

I had the most difficult time getting up this morning for work when my alarm went off…seriously, I guess I can’t hack the adventures of a full weekend anymore and bounce right back to work Monday morning.

With that said, I had a wonderful time with Julie this weekend and she was such a trooper considering it rained a bulk of the time she was here…it’s Portland so what more could be expected?

Here is a rundown on what kept us so busy:

  • Went to lunch at the Elephant Deli. This has to be one of my favorite finds so far, b/c they have a little bit of everything.

  • Toured the Pittock Mansion
  • Visited the Japanese Garden
  • Hopped over to the International Rost Test Garden
  • Went to lunch at Rock Creek Tavern out in the farm land and had the waiter squeeze both of our shoulders.

  • Stopped at Roloff farm and ate some apples that had dropped from a tree, got a wave from Amy Roloff, purchased a pumpkin, and met Amy Roloff. That's right, we met Amy Roloff and talked with her for a few minutes (the farm was dead when we were there probably due the rain) and even got a picture (ju will have to post this).

  • Took a stroll in a park in Hillsboro that pretty much cuts right in the forest. Ju slipped on a wet bridge and almost gave me a heartache.....I don't need a pregnant lady having issues like that while under my supervision

  • Went to a FANTASTIC concert at symphony hall in downtown Porltand where they played the music from Westside Story and had Lang Lang as a guest pianist play a Rachmaninoff concerto

  • Dined at Higgins for yummy northwest cuisine

  • Ventured to the Alberta Arts district and had an amazing breakfast of rice porridge made with coconut milk and fresh mangos

  • Shopped at the Saturday Market in downtown and purchased homemade soaps, fudge, jams, and a few other items

  • Visited the world's largest bookstore

  • Walked, walked and did more walking

  • Went on a walking tour with a local guide where go to go underground and look at famous tunnel, visited the waterfront, and went to an authentic Chinese medicine doctor shop and blah, blah, blah...i don't really recall to much on this part of the day

                              • Drove across the river to Apizza Scholls and waited in this line to have the most delicious Cesar salad and pizza. Total wait time approx 1 hr and 2o min-it's really that good

                              • Went to the Aladdin to listen to a couple blues singers

                              • Drove back to Hillsboro and met up with Blake to see Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

                              • Woke up and enjoyed some of the yummy peach jam made by Kaylani

                              • Drove to Cannon Beach and looked at it...really that is all we did-it was cold and rainy
                              • Continued to Seaside where Louis & Clark ended their journey and bought salt water taffy

                              • Went on to Astoria and drove across a very large bridge into Washington to turn around and come back, visited the farmers market and ate yummy fresh raspberries where Ju also purchased a marshmallow gun and got her hand massaged by a lotion salesman (she bought the lotion so it must have done the trick)

                              • Visited the Asotria column, walked up to the Goonie's house and interacted with some very friendly sea lions
                              • Drove to Wakeena Falls and Multnomah Falls to view their glory

                              • Ate dinner at Quiznos and dropped Ju off at the airport...seriously, we finished with Quizno's after all that, but we were tired and hungry.

                              Wow, that was a long list, but now maybe Julie can just post fun photos. Thanks for such a fun visit JU!

                              Thursday, October 2, 2008

                              you're it

                              I got tagged and here are the rules. Go to your pictures and go to the 6th folder. Open up the 6th picture and post it. Jen and Ame-lovely. I tag Annie, Marie, and Priscilla